His Surprising Mercies

While walking our little dog one beautiful winter day in 2013, I stopped to chat with a neighbor who was returning home and about to drive up her steep driveway. She stopped, reversed her car, then set the brakes so she could retrieve the newspaper. Although we rarely had the opportunity to visit, it had been a rough week for her and the accurate timing of being at her driveway at that moment seemed to be ordained. Our nation had experienced a horrible shooting of several children at an elementary school that same week and my neighbor, who has two small children, was feeling the burden of this tragedy. Added to that was an extra dose of sadness with the recent loss of her dog. I was glad for the opportunity to be a shoulder of comfort at that moment. After talking for about fifteen minutes, we said our goodbyes and I recommenced walking my dog.

"Are your going to walk behind my car?" she stopped me on the spot. "You should probably wait" she said "as sometimes the car rolls down a bit before going up this steep driveway."

I had already considered being cautious while walking behind the vehicle, but hadn't thought it a danger since she was well aware of my presence. However, I decided to heed her warning and waited for her car to go up the hill first. It was a good thing I did, as it turned out her large SUV was still in reverse and when she hit the gas to go up, the car went careening down into the street. If I had walked behind her car, both my dog and I would have suffered severe injury and possibly death.

I stood there in awe of my Lord's protection. He had clearly spoken through my neighbor who is a believer as well. We never know when or where peril may lie, but we can trust that our God has His plans for us and will guard our steps to help us complete them. "He is a shield to those who walk with integrity." Proverbs 2:7-8

Below and above is a painting of my dog Caeser. The top one is done in Oil and the bottom one is in pastel, but the formatting of this post cuts off much of the top image. I've noticed that on my iPhone, more of the images show.

Iris Carignan

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Yes, He is with us at all times. It is moments like this when we give pause to praise Him and Thank Him in all things and at all times.
2015-04-17, larry carignan

What a beautiful dog. Love that story
2015-04-18, katie

Wonderfully written Iris๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™
2015-04-19, Penelope

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