By Iris Carignan, 2/8/2015

Oh to gently wake,

When dawn is on the morn.

And break from sleep in soft arise,

From the darkness of forlorn.

To feel the lightness of your Son

Invade this wanting soul.

And the prickle of new life

Into my spirit flow.

Twill be, one day, my promise too,

Just as my Savior did

To rise up fresh as morning's dew

Transformed with gentle grace and sin forever hid.

Iris Carignan

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Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with me.
2015-02-16, Joanne

I enjoyed that!
2015-02-17, Joel

Thanks for sharing this with me. Please keep me on your blog e-mail list.
Your cousin, Tito
2015-02-17, Tito Stevens

You are a woman of many talents! Like the way your poetry and paintings go so beautifully together.
2015-02-17, Jan

Congratulations on your new blog, and good luck with a book! How wonderful it is to realize such a dream!
2015-02-18, Riki

Iris, Best to you with your new book your working on....Can't to hear more.....Very nice.....Hugs
2015-02-18, Dian Peterson

Love the painting and your photo. Am looking forward to your book. Xoxo Katie
2015-02-18, katie

Lovely! Awaiting more... Awaiting the book! <3 deanna
2015-02-22, deanna

I really enjoyed your poem and look forward to more. And I also love your painting and photo
2015-02-23, Linda

Nice job and much luck in your new book. The very best to you!
2015-02-26, Thelma

Great job with the beginning of your blog-life. Beautiful poem. Glad you started with it!!
I will email you a new email address for your distribution list.
2015-02-26, Linda>&lt;>

Honey, your talent and incredible far ranging abilities and godly perspective continues to amaze me! I pray you continue this journey as The Holy Spirit leads and guides you. I pray many are blessed and encouraged as you continue sharing your God bestowed talent for His Glory and Honor! I love you!!
2015-02-27, Larry

Iris, you never fail to amaze me! I'm not really into poetry, but this touched me. Good luck with your book.
2015-03-07, Margaret Bailey

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