Freedom 's Never Free

There is a land

Of which I'm certain

Is a land of the brave and free.

It was built by our great fathers,

Built for you and built for me.

It wasn't born without a trial,

Nor did it happen easily.

The men who died

To bring us freedom

Gave their lives for you and me.

So when you stand and see old glory,

Or when you sit by the shining sea,

Just think of all that came before it

And that freedom 's never free.

To look ahead to our great future

This land I love

Must see the past,

For it was there

Our nations' history

The great foundation's built to last.

It is a land of strength and power

With its' roots of faith and peace.

It is a land of great resources

A land of opportunity.

So when you stand and see Old Glory

Or when you sit by the shining sea,

Just think of all that went before it,

And that freedom 's never free.

Words and Music by Iris Carignan 7/4/ 2014

Iris Carignan

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Let's pray we don't lose our roots of faith and peace!
2015-07-10, Len

Beautiful. God bless America!
2015-07-11, Linda Eichberg

Unfortunately the majority in the generations that followed ours don't understand this and think that patriotism is so bourgeois. They laugh at us and our parents' generation Those like your dad, Uncle Dick, my dad and his brother answered the call in WWII and defended the right of today's generations of saying and doing stupid, anti-American things. I am sickened by what I see all around me today and am also sickened to what is coming out of the Supreme Court and the Capitol and the White House. I'm just glad that I grew up in the time when everybody recited the Pledge of Allegiance and meant it. When they felt a tingle up their leg, as the idiot Chris Mathews said, when they saw our flag. When we all loved a parade of soldiers, not of naked people on bicycles or homosexuals acting outrageously.
Uh, sorry I got going, but as the oldest of our generation I sometimes get carried away. I say to those who speak badly of our country, if you don't like it, there's a lot of other countries you can go to. Or you can sign up for that one-way trip to Mars.
2015-07-11, Tito Stevens

2015-07-11, Len

Oh, the price that has been paid by so many of our sons and daughters, so that we might enjoy freedom in this
Beautiful, God blessed country!
2016-03-13, Martha

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