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He decorates my life

With His colors both soft and bright,

Arranging accents in truth light,

In the space of my heart

Is the interior where He starts.

There is no color,

There is no life,

Without His presence,

Without His light.

He decorates with a style

That can only be His,

Moving objects where they should be

Not where they is.

And when His artistry is well done with me,

I know the picture of perfection

Will a vision be,

Too glorious for those still left here on earth

Too colorful for eyes

Given at birth.

For flesh and blood cannot contain,

The glories He will fill

Into my eternal domain.

By Iris Carignan


One of my favorite vacation stories happened the year we decided to travel to Disney World and Epcot Center in Florida. Now, because I mostly grew up in Southern California, I had been to Disneyland many times, but the rumor was that Disney World was better. Well those rumors not only proved to be wrong, our pass to the Magic Kingdom in Florida included Epcot Center, and both came packaged in the most oppressive humid heat I've ever experienced. We also found this amusement park version was missing some of our favorite rides and those it did have didn't seem as exciting. Mostly, this travel weary, bunch of Californians just couldn't handle the muggy weather that dragged us down and threatened to spoil the whole vacation. Nevertheless, we had paid our money, and we were "going to have fun even if it killed us." At some point our daughter brightened and said, "I know, let's go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride." It was our favorite and we figured it might bring some excitement to our day (not to mention it was usually cool inside). With drummed up enthusiasm, she and I raced ahead of the guys to get there first.

Having arrived well before Larry and our son, we were about ten or eleven people ahead of them in line. The rippling rise of heat seemed to waver with more intensity and distort our spirits like a carnival mirror as we slowly moved closer to the ride entrance. Making matters even more unbearable, just behind me was a loud-mouthed bore who began telling me his whole life story. He seemed almost too fittingly like an exaggerated cartoon character from one of Disney's stories. The queue continued its typical slow cattle style snaking back and forth toward the ride entrance when I spotted Larry and our son approaching us from the other side of the dividing bar. Up until this point, we hadn't said a word to each other and it was likely no one even knew we were together. On impulse, I suddenly reached across the isle, grabbed Larry (my husband) around the neck and said, "Hi cutie!" then gave him a big kiss on the mouth.

The blockhead behind me must have nearly lost his lunch. I'm quite sure his big mouth extended to its fullest drop-down position before he blurted out "Whoa, buddy, you must have done something right!"

It was all I could do not to burst out laughing, but I turned and proceeded forward as if I didn't know the man I'd just lip-locked.

The rest of our day at Disney World seemed to fly by with exuberance like never before experienced at any amusement park. Even the oppressive heat seemed to dissipate into the air of our imaginative spontaneity. Perhaps Disney World did have an extra dose of magic there. It was the biggest highlight of the day and by far topped the charts of our vacation experiences.

James 1:17 says: "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights." This may not have been a "spiritual gift" as intended in this verse, but it certainly was the perfect gift for us that day. In a world filled with all kinds of discomforts and trials much worse than a hot humid day, we can always look for joyful opportunities. If we aren't able to see it with humor or new vision dispite our valiant effort, we know that we should continue to praise the Lord regardless. 1Timothy 5:18 says it best. "Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."

Iris Carignan

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Yes Iris it is all about our attitude. Wish I had your sense of humor! love it!
Linda W
2015-03-16, LINDA W.

Great story; great poetry.
Have experienced that Florida humidity - unreal!
2015-03-16, Dale

What could be a worse reflection of our Christian spirit than to be whiny complainers, especially in public.
Seriously- do WE really have any profound complaints in this blessed country. I pray that I may always see the possibility of making lemonade out of lemons. Our joy will always be salt and light to the world!!
2016-03-13, Martha

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