God's Comedic Timing

"And Sarah said God has made me laugh so that all who hear will laugh with me." Genesis 21:6,

We often laugh in response to the unexpected and that is what happened with Sarah when at the age of about 90 years, she heard the angel of God promise Abraham that she was going to "bring forth a child even in her old age" as in Genesis 18:10-15. Although we are told "she laughed silently to herself from inside the tent," apparently it was within supernatural earshot of the angelic visitors that day. It was her first recorded laugh and perhaps the oldest historical record of anyone's laugh. Then, about a year later just as the angel promised, she gave birth to the child and again her laughter was recorded.

This also brings to mind one of my own favorite pregnancy stories. Not long after getting my job as a grocery store cashier, my manager said he wanted me to be the store Easter bunny. It seems that I was the only employee who could fit into their costume. I was happy to comply with this fun request. Four years into my bunny hopping role and three years into marriage, I was 7 months pregnant with my first child and the costume barely fit. About two weeks after my last bunny hop through the store, one of my regular customers came in and shared something that her kids had said. Apparently these small children recognized me as the Easter bunny even with my store uniform on and also noticed that my tummy was quite large. They wanted to know why the Easter bunny had such a big stomach. The mother had then told them that I was going to have a baby. That's when she said they couldn't "wait to see the baby bunnies!" Of course we both had a good belly laugh out of that one.

Not all pregnancies whether expected or unexpected bring laughter. Imagine how hard Sarah's pregnancy must have been at such an advanced age. Yet the name Isaac means "laughter." Think about the difficulty and shame experienced by Mary when she was found to be with child out of wedlock. Now think about the fact that Abraham and Sarah were the first family in the geology of Jesus Christ and Mary became the mother of Jesus. The Lord chose these two women to be part of His special plan and His timing made both pregnancies extraordinary. Visualize what our world would be like if either of these faith -filled women had not trusted the Lord in their circumstances.

Most pregnancies are not as significant as these were, but all babies are miraculous gifts of God and can bring a lot of joy and laughter. If you are also blessed to have grandchildren, you will experience a double dose of joy and laughter.

Iris Carignan

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Hope you like this one. The photo at the bottom should bring a smile to your face. It's my youngest granddaughter and I. The painting in the top background is from a dream I had several years ago that was a very joyous and beautiful dream.
2015-04-10, Iris Carignan

Iris ~
Your grand daughter is a keeper!!! She has a great sense of humor that I hope will stay with her always. You know I'm almost as crazy as my grand kids--in fact I encourage it. I want them to know joy and laughter and silliness because life will be hard. Sara's laughter reminds me of those unexpected delights when children surprise us--or God does something we never expected. Hopefully, we'll have more of these as we age.
2015-04-11, Martha K.

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