Genesis 1:1-31, Psalm 136:1-11, Psalm 104:1-3

When is the last time you took a quiet stroll and observed creation all around you? Did you praise your Lord and creator as you walked and listened to His still and quiet voice? Perhaps instead you were bent over a cell phone trying to catch up on some business calls? Did you listen to the birds sing and chirp their joyful morning song and realize they know enough to praise their creator even with their limited intelligence? Has their song lifted your spirit with new hope?

I have a little dog that looks forward to his walk with tail-wagging excitement each day. This daily ritual is one that I have grown to love too. It has become a quiet time to walk and talk with the lord. Often while walking and communing with the Lord, He will speak to me in poetic phrases. I must admit, though, that sometimes other pressing matters snatch away that special joy before we take the first step out the door. I just want to get the walk over. My schedule may be especially full or perhaps the weather isn't so good. My dog, however, always wants to go out and seems sad if it gets delayed too long. It occurs to me that I should be more like my canine friend, always anxious for the good walk and thankful for the opportunity to remove myself from my environment of phone calls, jobs to do and every other kind of distraction. This, I remind myself, is the most important part of today's journey. After all, didn't someone once say that the most important part of any journey is the first step?

Having a devotional walk on my own street also provides many opportunities to meet and greet my neighbors. Sometimes it gives me the chance to learn of a need or a joy one of them may have. These walks are truly a gift for each new day and I thank my Lord that I have the health and ability to do it.

The next chance you get to take a walk, remember to look up at His beautiful sky and praise Him for "The heavens proclaim the glory of God. The skies display His craftsmanship." Look ahead and praise him for what He has planned for your day. Look at your neighbors' houses and pray for them. Listen to the sounds of His creation all around you and let His voice speak through them to you.

The Quiet of Morning

The quiet peace of morning

That stills my heart

And reflects me unto you.

The coolness of its breeze

That ushers in with ease

A newness born again

with fresh clean canvas waiting

To be adorned with praises

And color stating:

All glory to His name,

All glory to His name,

And the wonder of His creation.

by Iris Carignan

Iris Carignan

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Very inspiring. Thanks!!!
2015-02-26, Linda Hoover

2015-02-26, .Thelma

I to walk my dog and feel just about the same sentiment. Well written my friend
2015-02-27, katie

Great reminder to enjoy God in his creation and to stop along the way :)
2015-02-27, Jason

Great reminder Iris - to slow down or stop and take the time to reflect and enjoy God's blessings in our lives
2015-02-27, Dale schlotzhauer

Another way in which we can walk close with Our Lord as we reflect on His incredible creation and at the same time to pray and greet our neighbors!
I love the journey that you are on! Your proud and loving husband!
2015-02-27, Larry

Had no idea how much your morning walks inspire your day. It is amazing how much quiet meditation can transform the soul, particularly outside! Thank you for sharing. :)
2015-02-28, Ivy G,

2015-03-07, LINDA W.

2015-03-12, Joel

Taking my wife to the Grand Canyon recently -- I had first been there after leaving L.A. in 1956 -- I was once more inspired by God's creations.
2015-03-13, Tito

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