A Thirsty Traveler

Mathew 5:13, Psalm 42:1-2

This year in Southern California we have been experiencing a terrible drought. Yesterday the soft patter of rain blessed our land with a short lived and partial quenching. The welcomed refreshment mostly wet our tongues and left us like unrequited lovers with a yearning for more. Oh that we would also be as thirsty for our Lord.

The psalmist speaks to this in Psalm 42 as he describes his own desire for God. "As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living god." Mathew 5:6 reminds us that we should "hunger and thirst after righteousness," It goes on later in chapter 5 verse 13 to say:"you are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned?"

How do these passages relate? Have you noticed that most times when you eat something salty, you almost always crave something to drink? I've noticed that pizza is a great thirst stimulator. It is likely because of the high sodium content. It can make me especially thirsty for hours after consuming even a couple of slices. Perhaps the answer to how we can encourage our hearts towards a stronger thirst for our Lord is by staying salty. For the sake of fun I like to call it pizza partnering.

All of the beatitudes listed in Mathew 5 list the basic experiences and attitudes that we as Christians should be familiar with. They all begin with the word:"Blessed" showing us that our Lord knows the trials and emotions that plague us, yet He will bless us through them. They are a part of life if we are truly salted believers. The phrases just before the sentence "you are the salt of the earth" state that we are "Blessed" when we are "reviled and persecuted falsely for my sake."

These speak to me by saying that while I don't strive for persecution, trials, and troubles, my attitude when they arrive should be one of joy and the effect should be a stronger thirst for my Lord. I pray that in my every day encounters with others my speech and actions will always be full of grace as well as salty, so that others will desire to know my savior. Perhaps my saltiness when sliced carefully with grace will make me a better pizza partner as well.

When Thirsty Hearts Be Quenched

The flowers lift their heads

With mouth and heart wide open

Receiving from the heavens

His grace in rain that's given.

With praises lifted in response

We see their leaves are raised

In thanks to Him who gave them life

And considered all their days.

Oh that we would praise as well

When thirsty hearts be quenched

Would ne'er forget to lift our hearts

Nor cease to be content.

by Iris Carignan (2015)

Iris Carignan

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Does this post make you thirsty? Let me know.
2015-05-18, Iris Carignan

This is a lovely reminder for me seek more of God, more often, as living water for my often weary body and spirit.
I have committed to drinking more water for hydration and when I lift that glass, I will be simultaneously asking the Holy Spirit to drench my soul with his grace. Thank you for your inspiring words and painting.
2015-05-18, Martha K.

Beautiful, cousin, just beautiful. Keep up the good work.
2015-05-18, Tito

Beautiful Iris. I wont forget this.
2015-05-19, donna lynch

Beautiful dear friend and teacher. I always find your words and work inspiring me to reach for a closeness with Our Lord. Thank you
2015-05-19, Susan

Thank you for sharing. It's wonderful to be a part of the family of God and be reminded of His love in everyday situations. We just have to be open to see it.
2015-05-20, Jimmie

Iris, your words are just what I need to hear today. Thank you for sharing your gift!
2015-05-20, Kate

So loved this. The painting is refreshing in itself and makes me want more quiet moments with the Lord. And eating pizza has a new dimension now Thanks!
2015-05-25, Nancy Hillis

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