Misleading Paths

In the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds as told in Mathew 13:24-29, we see that though good seed was planted in good soil, an evil person came along and spoiled it with bad seeds that would produce weeds. The workers saw this had happened as things began to grow and reported it to the farmer. He told them to let them "both grow until harvest." Sometimes we have to wait until a matter has come to full fruition, before the truth is clearly evident.

In reading the Genesis creation story for the umpteenth time, chapter 2 verses 4-6 suddenly jumped off the page. There in the New Living translation I read that when the Lord God first made the earth and the heavens, there weren't any "wild plants or grains growing." What? I almost shouted out loud-no grains! How ironic that Jesus tells a story about planting wheat and then brings in the metaphor of weeds. If you continue reading in the Genesis story, you see that until man sinned all food and plants that did grow were watered by springs. It wasn't until Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of the garden, that man had to work and cultivate the soil. Up to that point there were no weeds or wheat on the earth.

Many today are learning that the gluten in wheat is harmful to their digestive tract and I too have found that cutting back on wheat products has helped me feel better. Apparently there is some evidence that today's wheat isn't as pure as what the farmer raised in the good old days. Perhaps it has to do with what is being mixed into the soil. I don't know about that, but it is very clear that when we allow evil to mix into the soil of our hearts, we will have trouble. I also know that even when a believer is doing everything right in the eyes of the Lord, evil may come along and sabotage the good that they intend.

Remember what it says in I Peter 5:8-9 "Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour. Stand firm against him, and be strong in your faith."

Reading and knowing God's word is a "Two edged" weeding hoe and the best defense we have against any personal thorny invasions. We also need to use the "Round-up" of God's word to weed out the lies, laws and cultural trends that choke our society, threaten our children as well as degrade and destroy our nation.

Dancing in the Shadows

Are you dancing in the shadows,

Or are they dancing around you?

Can you feel their darkness?

And is it cool, or just blue?

When the warmth of sun

Is hot against your back

And things seem oh so stark,

Is is hope or peace you lack?

And watching as you walk

do the shadows change?

Are they like a friend to you

Or trouble dark and strange?

Shadows in the light will come

And so they too must be.

Shadows in my life have come

And so also to thee.

Have you seen the way they dance

When breezes blow both tree and branch?

Their happy movement on the ground

With quiet music

Yet sparkling sound.

but in the light of God's sweet love,

Life's shadows are short

When cast from above.

And in His light we have the chance

To watch our troubles move

And even with them dance!

Iris Carignan

Iris Carignan

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Good reminder to let God's plan for us finish its course :)
2015-04-03, Jason Carignan

Praise the Lord "Life's shadows are short"
2015-04-03, Katie Friedmann

Praise the Lord "Life's shadows are short"
2015-04-03, Katie Friedmann

I really enjoyed this, Iris. Sometimes, we are so buy "sowing," we forget to pull the weeds that can choke all of our good works and spiritual integrity. Thanks for the reminder!
2015-04-03, Martha K.

So inspirational Iris. Thank you.
Linda T
2016-03-12, Linda taylor

Thank you Iris! I loved the visual of the Word being a two-edged weeding hoe to weed out the lies of the enemy and cultural trends that are contrary to the truth.
2016-03-13, Wendy Kappen

Thank you, Iris! I just noticed that something I loved, a letter tucked in a book is gone. The book went missing.
Your words helped me know the light is coming.
2016-04-01, Kimberly garner

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