Amazing Disappearance

Ephesians 5:27 "That He might present it to Himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish."

My dear mother passed away March 4 of 2012 not many days before my birthday. While she would say she earned all of the wrinkles on her face, I would say she had more than the average 86 year old. Perhaps the extra character lines came from hardships she endured. Maybe it was also because at the age of 71 she had lost a considerable amount of weight. Whatever the reason, she laughed at it with good humor and didn't mind the brutally honest queries from little grandchildren who noticed.

When cancer began to take its final toll on Mom, we insisted she come to our house to let us care for her. By the time she moved in, she had lost another 10 pounds and was looking very frail. Her mind wasn't as sharp either, for Alzheimer's had added distress on top of the cancer. Thankfully, she still knew who we were and managed to carry on short conversations pretty well. Doctors had given her about a month.

As her time grew closer, I began to notice how radiant she was becoming. Every morning she seemed to look more and more beautiful, even younger. Of course I figured it was my imagination, after all she was my mom. Then one day my husband said something about it.

"You mean you see it too?" I said.

"Oh yeah!" He said. "She looks younger."

Each day seemed to bring a more vibrant and radiant glow like I'd never seen in Mom and each day she did appear younger, yet she continued to lose more weight because she could no longer eat. Then, after nearly four weeks, Mom passed away, so of course my husband and I went in to say our last good-byes. We both stood in mournful, yet astonished, bewilderment as we visually documented that by the time Mom passed, she had lost about 80% of her wrinkles.

The verse in Ephesians 5:27 says the church will be presented to Christ at His second coming "without spot or wrinkle." It has long been a favorite of mine and even more so as I look at my own aging face and claim it with amused, yet hopeful anticipation. Some have asked me what this small miracle meant and I always say that God must have been preparing her for His coming and just needed a little head start.

A Stop Along The Way,

As I walk along the path of life,

these truths, I have to say,

Are often good to ponder

When I stop along the way.

Their impressions fresh and cool

Like a breeze agains my face,

Give my steps a lively lift

And my stumbles gentle grace.

They are the words a mother gives

and even so much more.

They cut the path and pattern

Women were created for.

My mother gave them to me

In the wisdom of her days

So these things I must consider

When I stop along the way.

The richness of their value

Are a treasure not to bury.

They fill my heart and shaped

Me for the man that I did marry.

They are the pleasure of a garden

Who's flowers we pick and place

Arranged, as she taught me

In a clear and simple vase.

They are friendly words of comfort

To a neighbor or friend in need

Kindness and encouragement

She taught them with her deeds.

To be feminine and lady-like

Were never a question of,

They came natural to her character

And fit her like a glove.

She taught me about family.

She taught me about God

And how to serve them both

With eagerness and love.

Hospitality is a talent she used

With warmth and with charm

Making all who entered her home

Welcome with her arms.

She taught me to use my talents too

And use them to their best.

That I might find more joy in life

And to other with them bless.

Both discipline and fun

Equally we shared.

We laughed.

We prayed.

No matter what,

We always knew she cared.

And though the autumn colors

Are not too long to stay,

These golden leaves she gave me,

Always linger

When I stop along the way.

Iris Carignan

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This was one of my favorite stories. Thoughts going out to you at this time.
2015-03-06, Margery

What a great testament assuring us that God and His Holy Spirit is with us all the time caring for us and preparing us for the days ahead as well as our eternal journey as scripture tells us.
I love the reflections of your mom in your poem and how family and moms shape our lives and how we can be instruments of His love.
I am anxious for your next posting!
2015-03-06, Larry

I'm so sorry Aunt Doris passed away without my knowing about it but then we had not been in touch for so long. I remember every Christmas some 40 years ago I would always send her a card. What you wrote is simply beautiful. I don't know if you were aware that your Aunt Evelyn left us March 19th of 1996 after suffering Alzheimer's for a long time. Both diseases are horrible and when I last saw Mom she was afraid of me and didn't recognize me. Then one day as she lay in bed, withered and grey, between chirping like a bird she blurted "you look like my son Tito." It just tore me up to know that for one brief instant her memory still worked. Bless you, Iris, and all you family. Love.
2015-03-06, Tito Stevens

I love this story.
2015-03-12, Joel

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